Rep. Schamore’s Honest and Clean Campaign Pledge


The voters of Breckinridge, Hancock and Hardin Counties, along with all the citizens of Kentucky deserve ethical, transparent and honest elections. While serving and campaigning, I understand the meaning of those words now more than ever. During my seven years as your state representative, I have approached my responsibilities with honor, transparency and with honesty. During this campaign, I pledge the following:

  • I pledge to run an honest, transparent and ethical campaign;
  • I will never disrespect the voters by attacking my opponent;
  • I pledge to run a positive campaign focused solely on the issues;
  • I pledge to listen to the voters, always considering every person’s views prior to casting any vote in the legislature;
  • I pledge to always put policies ahead of politics;
  • I pledge to work in a bipartisan manner; treating my colleagues on the other side of the aisle with respect;
  • I have built my life and my career on honest, hard work. I pledge to take these values to work with me each day on behalf of the citizens of my district.

I hope you will join me in saying NO to negative campaigning and in holding candidates and elected officials accountable to the voters.

If you hear negative attacks or have questions about me or my candidacy, I hope that you will contact me at [email protected] or at 270-547-8787.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve.

Dean Schamore