Rep. Schamore Named to Infrastructure Task Force

FRANKFORT, February 21 -- Rep. Dean Schamore, D-Hardinsburg, speaks on House Bill 268, a bill relating to submission of budget unit requests, in the House.

Lane Report – Eight new legislative task forces will spend the 2020 legislative interim delving into some of the most challenging issues facing our state, according to an announcement from Speaker of the House David Osborne, R-Prospect. Task force membership includes legislators as well as representatives from agencies and organizations impacted by the area of study.

Representative Dean Schamore has been named to The Public Water and Wastewater System Infrastructure Task Force, which was created to implement the recommendations adopted by the task force during 2019 Interim and make policy recommendations in advance of the 2021 Legislative Session. The task force will provide appropriate oversight to Kentucky’s public drinking water systems and wastewater systems and identify options for generating state and local funds that may be used to fund water infrastructure projects directly.

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