Rep. Schamore Signs Clean Campaign Pledge


Says Public Deserves Elections Focused on the Issues

If Labor Day is the official start to the election season, Representative Dean Schamore believes campaigning began much earlier this summer. “We have been hearing complaints about negative phone calls, letters and radio commercials for the past few months and voters are already growing weary of the rhetoric,” said Dean Schamore.  Representative Schamore vows to keep his campaign focused on the issues and has taken his own “Clean Campaign Pledge” to reassure the voters that negative talk will not be coming from him.  “My opponent and I ran clean campaigns in our first election in 2014, and I pledge to once again to keep it positive, sticking to the issues and respecting the voters.”

Representative Dean Schamore campaign pledge to the voters:

  • I pledge to run an honest, transparent and ethical campaign;
  • I will never disrespect the voters by attacking my opponent;
  • I pledge to run a positive campaign focused solely on the issues;
  • I pledge to listen to the voters, always considering every person’s views prior to casting any vote in the legislature;
  • I pledge to always put policies ahead of politics;
  • I pledge to work in a bipartisan manner; treating my colleagues on the other side of the aisle with respect;
  • I have built my life and my career on honest, hard work. I pledge to take these values to work with me each day on behalf of the citizens of my district.

“I encourage my opponent to also promise to keep the campaign clean and focused on the issues and hope that if the voters have any questions or want to discuss issues they will contact me at [email protected].”

To read the entire Clean Campaign Pledge, visit