Rep. Schamore secures Over $23 Million in Road Projects

Dean Schamore Low Res Headshot

In the final days of the legislative session, Representative Dean Schamore has secured over $23 million in road project funding in the House Transportation Budget. The budget process is currently in the final negotiation stages with the House and Senate conference committees. Representative Schamore believes there is a good chance these projects will be in the final version of the budget because most of them were included in the Governor’s budget.

“We have critical roadway needs in my district that we are beginning to address with this budget,” said Rep. Dean Schamore. “Working with our local officials on setting priorities, it is my hope that the final version of the budget will include all of these important projects. I have also secured $16.5 million in the long-range 2018-2022 budget.”

Projects secured by Rep. Schamore in the House 2016-2018 Transportation budget include:

  • Breckinridge County – Reconstruction for HWY 79, Feasibility study for KY-86, new bridge for KY-261 Dodge Creek, minor widening for US-261 and minor widening for KY-992. – Total $8.575 million
  • Hancock County – relocation of KY-69, important widening of US-60, bridge painting KY-69 and bridge replacement on KY-2124. – Total $14.5 million
  • Hardin County (shared by four state representatives) – Congestion mitigation for KY-313, District 10 – $125,000