Representative Dean Schamore Honors Vietnam Veterans at Traveling Wall Ceremony

Vietnam Traveling Wall speech

(Hardinsburg, Ky.—) Representative Dean Schamore spoke to the nearly 200 family members and visitors to the Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall on Saturday during a ceremony to honor and recognize the area’s Vietnam War veterans.  A Gulf War Veteran, Schamore honored the three million service members who fought in the nearly decade long Vietnam War. The touring Traveling Memorial was erected in Hardinsburg on June 15th and concluded on Sunday.

“The Vietnam War was one of the most misunderstood conflicts in our nation’s history,” said Rep. Schamore at Saturday’s ceremony.  “Somehow our men and women in uniform became the scapegoats for the frustration over the war. Some 43 years later, Americans have come to realize the disservice done to all those who served in the Vietnam Conflict.”

Representative Vietnam Traveling Wall Speech 2Schamore recognized the families of the fallen and the Vietnam Veterans who were in attendance at Saturday’s event. “On behalf of the Commonwealth of Kentucky as Vice Chairman of the House Veterans, Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee, we thank you and honor your service here today.  I also want to thank the families who also made sacrifices; you deserve our respect and praise.”
The traveling memorial in Hardinsburg is three fifths the size of the wall in D.C.  “This allows the citizens of the United States the chance to not only see the moving tribute wall, but to remember and honor those who served,” said Schamore.  “An article in the Eau Claire Wisconsin newspaper, called the traveling wall “Healing on Wheels.” “I thought it was a fitting way to express the purpose of the hundreds of locations the wall is placed throughout the nation,” added Schamore.
Representative Schamore closed his remarks with this tribute,  “As we pay tribute at the site of this moving Memorial Wall, I hope you will remember in your hearts that every person who is sent off to war, does so as a member of the United States military. Following orders; at a cost of great personal sacrifice, that is worthy of our admiration, our respect and most of all our thanks. To those who served in Vietnam and especially to those who lost their lives on the battlefield, I simply say thank you. You are not forgotten.”