Representative Dean Schamore Delivers Commencement Address to Frederick Fraize High School

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2016 Marks 144th Graduating Class

(Cloverport, Ky.—) Representative Dean Schamore delivered the commencement address at the graduation ceremony for the 144th graduating class of Frederick Fraize High School last Friday, May 20th.  Representative Schamore reflected on his own high school graduation from Breckinridge High School in 1987, when he made the decision to enter the United States Navy.
“What I learned from that time in my life is that the United States of America is the best country in the world,” Representative Schamore told the graduates. “We are the true leaders of the world.  It is our moral obligation to stand up for righteousness whenever possible.  And to help those who cannot help themselves.  And to help those in our country who are in need.”

Representative Schamore encouraged the graduates to set goals. “If you have a goal, no matter what obstacles arise, you will work through them and reach your goal.  It’s also ok to dream a little. To have a dream of doing something great, something important. It is within your reach if you make the right choices for your life and work hard.  Even if you fail, get back up and start again.”

Rep. Schamore is an entrepreneur, the founder and owner of Digital Connections Plus located in Hardinsburg in Breckinridge County. He resides in Hardinsburg with his wife and two daughters.  Elected in 2014, Rep. Schamore represents House District 10, which includes Breckinridge, Hancock and portions of Hardin County that include Radcliff and Vine Grove.  He serves as Vice Chair of the Veterans, Military, and Public Safety Committee. He also serves on Agriculture and Small Business, Economic Development, the Appropriations and Revenue, Tourism Development & Energy and the new Advanced Communications & Information Technology committees.