Editorial by Rep. Dean Schamore: Putting politics aside to get the job done in Frankfort

15_Schamore_HR 78By Representative Dean Schamore – We are in the season of politics and its only natural to assume that not much is getting done in Kentucky’s General Assembly.  The heat of a presidential primary combined with a new governor, can make for a time of discourse and less than civil tone.

I find the mood, however, among the members of the General Assembly, to be quite the opposite. It is often that we can and do come together to tackle problems and difficult budget issues with members throughout the state, regardless of political persuasion. As we move forward with the final weeks of the budget process, I am confident we will reach agreement and complete the task that we were elected to do, pass a balanced budget.

Serving on the Veterans, Military Affairs and Public Protection Committee, we all have the same goals to provide opportunities for those who have served our country and for those keeping the public safe.  Representative Russell Webber and I work together quite often on important veterans’ issues.

I worked with Senator Carroll Gibson on an issue for Rough River State Resort Park and with Senator Joe Bowen on economic development issues in Hancock County.  Our regional issues and projects take precedent over partisan politics.  In the House I have worked across the aisle with Representatives Michael Meredith and Bart Rowland on agricultural issues that are so important to our family farmers.

This session I am championing legislation to make the survivors of medical services providers and rescue squad members are killed in the line of duty eligible for state lump-sum death benefits. I appreciate the strong bipartisan support I have had for this bill and am proud say that the legislation passed the House by a vote of 95-0 and now awaits passage in the Senate.

Another bill that I have filed relates to disabled veteran-owned businesses. Again several members of both parties have signed on as co-sponsors and it passed the House with unanimous support 93-0 and is awaiting passage in the Senate.

The best part of the job is working to help people and represent the citizens of my district and the Commonwealth, regardless of county lines and party registration.  As long as we can stay focused on good ideas, sound fiscal policies and have respect for each others’ viewpoints, I am confident we will continue to move Kentucky forward for everyone.