Rep. Dean Schamore Mentors Military-Bound Youth

20150520_183800As the founder of Breckinridge Heroes, Rep. Dean Schamore spends time counseling and mentoring military-bound high school students. This week, Rep. Schamore treated six students to dinner at his favorite ribeye steak restaurant, Del Friscos in Louisville. Rep. Schamore began the non-profit project in Breckinridge County and this year expanded to include both Breckingridge County High School and Hancock County High School. Rep. Schamore took the graduating seniors who have joined the military out for a nice dinner. He was joined by three future US Marines Jeffery Adkins, Scott Hardin, and Austin Brown, one US Army enlistee Ashli Stayton and US Navy recruits, Stephanie Hammons and McKensye Bennett. Dean Schamore was a member of the United State Navy.

20150520_174201Special thanks to Lori Bennett for loaning her vehicle and Del Friscos for donating the drinks and dessert.